Our Team

What is MEPlife?

МЕР – Modern Engineering Partnership, created to bring together specialists of the construction industry and increase the resources of each of its members.

For whom it can be useful? For heads of construction companies and departments, engineers of all construction industry specializations, students studying engineering, etc.

How to join?

We offer opportunities for participation with registration and without it.

Register as an expert. It’s recommended for people representing their personal skills on the market of construction engineering.
A specialist has access to all features of the portal, is presented in the list of experts; in the working relationship can act both as a customer and as an executor.

Register as a company. Recommended for organizations.
The company has access to all features of the portal, is presented in the company list, in the working relationship can act both as a customer and as an executor.
PLUS the company has an ability of project management that would greatly improve the communication within the team and the company.

How to use it effectively?

Use a maximum:

Promote your name and communicate.
Publish articles and notes in the blog and forum, participate in discussions and initiate them. Created name as a an expert of your direction will bring you great dividends in the labor markets. Start now!

Find jobs and employees.
MEPlife - a community of engineers, which is constantly evolving, growing and becoming better. We want to see in our lines every thinking and progressive engineer and the company with the objectives.
Declare yourself and your job, learn the portfolio and the history of cooperation between companies and professionals. With our help you will significantly expand the range of job search and new employees.

Perform calculations quickly and easily.
Use our applications for engineering calculations. Ask a variety of conditions, make various changes and get an instant accurate calculation by generating a report later. Use the opportunity to work on a project with colleagues dividing the work between yourselves. It will save you time, reduce the likelihood of errors and the work carried out will always remain in the database of your account for future use.

Manage projects.
To help the companies we created a simple and rapid project management. This will greatly simplify and improve collaboration within the project team, will enable to fully control the work of the team from anywhere in the world.

Educate yourself
Use the blog materials for experience exchange. Use the training programs to improve skills and training. For students it is an opportunity to express themselves on the labor market and start earning while studying.

And this is just the beginning!
We are constantly developing and expanding the ways of effective collaboration of engineers in the construction industry.